Zen is a mental form, a state of the spirit that has no time or place and that largely depends on our intuition. Its purpose is to provide us with a way back to our true self, to the present, to the "here and now", detaching ourselves from the useless distractions and mental attitudes that isolate us from reality.


Zen is an attitude, not a faith

Zen means experiencing the present moment and being grateful for the gift of life itself

Being Zen means acquiring full awareness of our connection with the world and with everything that is part of it

Zen is freedom from the illusory distractions and conflicts of the material world

Being Zen means being part of the flow of the universe


According to Zen, by eliminating our mental superstructures and overcoming the attachment to the material world, it is possible to arrive at the Absolute Truth and live it in its fullness. It is never specified in detail what this Truth (also called Illumination, similar to that experienced by the Buddha), because it is a subjective and unique experience for each person.


The message is to renounce our certainties and the apparent sense of security that derives from this to challenge our mental schemes and to question us as human beings.

it is in fact also known as the culture of not being precisely because of this invitation to abstract us from everything we know to see ourselves in another perspective, one in which we do not exist as separate individuals but as a fundamental part of something greater as it pushes the mind in a different direction than it is used to during routine. In this way it helps to keep rational thinking at bay and to free creativity and intuition. It also indicates a truth that cannot be rationally derived through the use of logic.

Every reflection that results is a step towards awareness.


Zen is nothing and it's all at the same time

Zen is empty and full

Zen surrounds everything and is surrounded by everything

Zen is the beginning and the end

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